Why Buy Locks of Luxury

Locks of Luxury Hair is ALWAYS:

· 100% human hair extensions

· Natural and unprocessed

· Premium non blended full cuticle human hair unlike many companies that are passing synthetic low grade hair as top quality.

· Sourced through fair trade directly from the manufacturer to ensure that our customers have unadulterated human hair.

· Cut from the owner and kept intact to ensure the roots and tips are not mixed. The women who provide their hair are aware of what they are doing and fairly compensated

· Sourced from women to help them build strong communities, and women who are valued and treated fairly to help create prosperity for their families

· Same day delivery

Locks of Luxury Hair does NOT:

· Tangle, matt or shed

· Synthetic low grade hair

· Contain any hair from animals

· Contain any hair from chemicals

· Come from auctions or holy temples.